HATE Cables?
Problem Solved.

Get this & eliminate all your charging cables once and for all!

Charge ALL Your Gear in the ONE Place

A place for everything & everything in its place

Smart Design

Wireless Charging for your iPhone & Apple Watch is built right in. No extras needed.

Lightning connector for your Airpods (& Apple Pencil too)

Sleep Easy

✅ Apple Watch in Nightstand Mode
✅ Soft LED won't blind you at Night

Clean. Simple. Neat. Tidy.

1. Plug in the 1 Cable
2. Place Down Your Devices
3. Relax while they All Charge!

Landcape or Portrait

Fast Wireless Charging in whichever viewing angle you find most comfortable.

Watch Netflix, Youtube & see new Notifications easily.

Home or Office

Looks right at place on your desk at work, or your nightstand at home, or anywhere else you spend time!

Ultimate Wireless Apple Docking Station | Built-in Wireless 3-in-1 Dock

Sale price Price $59.00 Regular price $79.00

One Dock. One Cable. All Your Devices. Always Charged & Ready.

You guys asked for it, and we listened! A clean functional dock to charge all your devices without messy cables. This Apple Docking Station has everything you need right out of the box. Just plug it into the bundled wall adapter and you're good to go!

⚡️ Fast Wireless Charging for your iPhone

⚡️ Built-in Apple Watch Charger

⚡️ Airpods Cradle with Perfectly Moulded Fit

⚡️ Single USB-C Power Cable

⚡️ FREE 15W USB Adapter ($18RRP!)

The ultimate in convenience - have everything in the one place, charged and right at your fingertips. Just Grab and Go. Simple as that.

Finally Get Rid Of All Your Cables -- Click Add to Cart Now!

• Apple Qi-certified 7.5W Charging for iPhone XS MAX/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus (10W Max)
• Apple Watch Wireless 2W Charging Output
• Airpods 3W Charging Output
• Qi-enabled Wireless Charging Technology
• Quality Certifications: CE,RoHS,FCC,CCC

• iPhone X / XS / XR / Max
• iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
• iPhone 7 / 7 Plus (Only w/ Qi enabled add-on Sold Separately)

• Apple Watch (all versions)

• Airpods (all versions)

• Apple Pencil (all versions)

• And any Qi wireless compatible device (even works with our Samsung rivals ...if you really must...) 

• 1x 3-in-1 Apple Docking Station
• USB-C Cable
• 15W US Quick Charge Wall Adapter
• Quick Manual


Is this compatible with the new Airpods 2 / 2nd Gen?
Charge them just the same as the original Airpods. And if you have the wireless charging case - you can charge them wirelessly on the phone charging pad when it's not in use!

Does wireless charging work through my phone case?
YES! As long as your case is less than 8mm thick, but we recommend 5mm or less.

Is this 10W or 7.5W Wireless charging - I'm confused?!
The iPhone only supports up to 7.5w right now. This stand supports 10w so the iPhone will get a full 7.5w charge, and up to 10W in the future if/when Apple release an iOS update.

Will this work with iPhone 7 or older versions?
- Not out of the box. If you have adapted wireless charging to your older iPhone via a wireless case or accessory then yes, as long as it is Qi compatible.

Will this work with popsockets / metal back rings?
Maybe. It depends on the design and thickness but you will have to try this out for yourself.

Can I use my charging cable with the phone?
Yes you can still use your lightning cable in the stand to charge your phone in the cradle as pictured, allowing you to save money without having to upgrade your stand when you upgrade your phone!

Do I need to unclasp / open my Apple Watch Band or can I leave it closed?
Whichever you prefer - you have both options.

Does this support Apple Watch Nightstand mode?
Yes, just put it down on the built-in charger.


Customer Reviews

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Cool device - very convenient, compact, everything works fine. Very convenient now with the phone wireless charging on the stand


Quality construction, charges well, recommend!


Fasst Charging works! Charges all at the same time without failures. Thank You


Excellent and high quality and just works. Nothing more needs saying!