The #1 Apple Charging Station for True Apple Fans

This compact Wireless Charging Stand charges your iPhone, Apple Watch & Airpods all in the one place.

No Messy, Annoying & Tangling Cables

Convenient Fast Wireless Charging for your iPhone, Apple Watch & Airpods

Charge ALL Your Gear in the ONE Place

Keeps Everything Neat & Organised

Perfectly On Display

All while Charging. Functional & Beautiful.

One Less Thing to Think About

Simply put your device down to charge & pick it up again anytime you need it.

No more plugs or cables to worry about or slowing you down.


We buy Apple because we want quality products that just work. Why should this be any different?

Future Proof

Ready for Next Generation of Fast Wireless Charging - You Won't Need to Upgrade

Compact Minimal Design

Sculpted from the exact same alloy as the Macbook & inspired by the iMac Stand.

Innovative Design with a familiar feel

Apple Fans Love This

100% Money Back & Customer Satisfaction Guarantees so Buy with Confidence

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves!

Apple Charging Station | iPhone + iWatch + Airpods | ALL IN ONE

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Plastic stands really do look tacky against the perfectly designed glass & metal iPhone or iWatch but against our high quality laser cut alloy stand - it will look right at home.

This Apple Docking Station adds function, convenience & style to your home, office, IKEA desk or bedside table. And it's Not Available in stores so it will stand out.

Never have to worry about unplugging or breaking your charging ports / cables ever again.

The #1 Apple Charging Station for True Apple Fans -- Click Add to Cart Now!

• Apple Qi-certified 7.5W Charging for iPhone XS MAX/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus
• 10W Max Wireless Charging Output (9V @ 1.2A)
• Qi-enabled Wireless Charging Technology
• Quality Certifications: CE,RoHS,FCC,CCC

• iPhone X / XS / XR / Max
• iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
• iPhone 7 / 7 Plus (Only w/ Qi enabled add-on Sold Separately)
• iOS 12 11 10 9 8
• And any Qi wireless compatible device (even works with our Samsung rivals ...if you really must...) 

• 1x Apple Charging Station
• Charging Cables to suit
• 2x Silicone cable organizers
• Quick Manual


Does wireless charging work through my phone case?
YES! We haven't tested all cases but it works up to including the Otterbox Defender case which is quite thick.

Is this 10W or 7.5W Wireless charging - I'm confused?!
The iPhone only supports up to 7.5w right now. This stand supports 10w so the iPhone will get a full 7.5w charge, and up to 10W in the future if/when Apple release an iOS update.

Will this work with iPhone 7 or older versions?
- Not out of the box. If you have adapted wireless charging to your older iPhone via a wireless case or accessory then yes, as long as it is Qi compatible.

Will this work with popsockets / metal back rings?
Probably not. It depends on the design and thickness but we doubt it and don't recommend it.

Can I use my charging cable with the phone?
Yes you can still use your lightning cable in the stand to charge your phone in the cradle as pictured, allowing you to save money without having to upgrade your stand when you upgrade your phone!

Do I need to unclasp / open my Apple Watch Band or can I leave it closed?
Whichever you prefer - you have both options.

Does this support Apple Watch Nightstand mode?
Yes, you just need to arrange the cable and keep the band closed.