Aftermarket Apple: Origins (Founder)
This humble startup company was founded on the back of a broken charger...

After quickly becoming frustrated with my replacement store bought item, I turned to the internet to discover overwhelming decision with no real idea on what to pick. I wanted one place where I could be guaranteed to get the best Apple accessories, without the Apple price tag (and with all the extra features). There wasn't one. So I decided to create one.


The Team:
The founder is a rogue mechanical engineer who has left his stable boring career to start and lead this exciting company.

We are a small team of Apple fan-boys and fan-girls who are passionate about our lifestyles ever since the first iPod swept and changed the world. We're all crazy about the latest gear and news so you can be sure we know what we're talking about.

We personally and excitedly test and use all of the products on our site, after some careful decision making. Rest assured knowing they are high quality.